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UPDATE: The 18th April 2015 show was completely filled up! Don't forget to catch us for the 2nd and final part of our celebration this Saturday,

25th April 2015! 


A drama celebration for all! And YOU, yes you, are invited! 


This year, many schools participated in the English Drama Category for the Singapore Youth Presentation. 


What better way to end the two weeks of drama presentations then to put it all together into one fantastic show for the public, family and friends to view?  And.. while celebrating, the students will also be sharing their knowledge about theatre with the public! So we did just that with the support of the National Library Board!


So many stories, so little time!


Travel with our youths through their stories, on a wonderful dramatic journey filled with adventures and heartfelt messages. 


Enjoy a Shakespeare classic or learn about Singapore's forefathers through dramatic interpretations of both classic and (some tummy tickling) original scripts. 


Celebrate our youths' best theatre works while bringing the community closer to the arts and students closer to the community. So join us for a fun filled afternoon and tell us, #HowDrama can you be? 






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