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Stage That Page!


Update: We have recently just finished the first Stage That Page event on 5th April 2014 with roaring success! We will be presenting another edition of Stage That Page at Bedok Public Library on 31st May 2014! It is a free event and all are welcome! Don't forget to catch us there! 


This event was created to provide a platform for our performing arts and drama students from schools all over Singapore.


We hope to bring the community closer to the arts, and our students closer to the community. 


Our youths are engaged and raring to go.

Stories prepared, ready for show.

Eager to tell, excited to share,

Ready to take the audience somewhere.


Be transported to places and stories through the eyes of our youth, the teenagers, the energetic and the adventurous, as they share their dramatic interpretations of both classic and (some tummy tickling) original scripts. This one day theatre show seeks to bring the community closer to the arts and students closer to the community. So join us for a fun-filled afternoon of riveting stories and much glee and laughter!


After all, stories are not supposed to be hidden.

They must be written, read and told.

So, who said Singapore's got no talent at all?


All schools are welcomed and best of all, it's free! 


Saw us at the library and interested to be involved? Call us!


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