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Fat Kids for Schools

After three sold out performances, including an extremely successful run at the Esplanade as part of the 2013 Flipside Festival, Fat Kids is now heading to a school near you.


We will perform 20 plays in 30 minutes, but the audience will choose the order of the plays.


Want us to perform in an auditorium, music room or classroom? No problem, in fact, the interactive nature of Fat Kids makes it suitable for smaller groups of 200 students at a time.


Fat kids is fun-filled, accessible show, which introduces the arts to young people and ignites their love for theatre.


And after watching the show, students might even want to sign up for our writing and production programme “Fat Kids goes to *insert your school name here”, where we will train students to write and produce their own version of Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap!


Can’t wait to have us in your school? Give us a call!


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